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Who Am I?

I am Nick Harrison in Midland, North Carolina. I am a self-taught woodworker and cabinet maker. I have learned skills along way by trial and error and making plenty of mistakes. All of my tools have been purchased by way of hard work and dedication. I am loyal to the craft of woodworking and hope to share my interest and enthusiasm for the art with you. The medium in which I enjoy expressing this hobby is through my website content and YouTube channel. I invite you to contact me for collaborations, simple discussions, tips and tricks to help me learn, and for pretty much anything else that can help myself and the woodworking community continue to develop. 

What Do I Do?

No matter what other aspects of woodworking I find myself learning and trying, I always have furniture making at the bottom of my heart. It’s what sparked my initial interest in woodworking and will always be where my loyalty lies.

I can assist you in making your dream cabinet or set of cabinets with the finest materials and most desirable appearances.

With access to a CNC machine, the possibilities of what can be achieved are quite literally endless! Contact me to discuss what amazing projects I can create for you!

I have the ability to take your rough sketch or concept and bring it to a reality with advanced digital CAD software. I am also able to discuss your project’s needs, resources, and pricing strategies with you to prepare for your upcoming build.


Where can I watch your videos?

I embed my videos within the project posts here on my website. However, you can also watch my videos on my YouTube Channel.

Do you perform tool reviews for products you receive for free?

Absolutely. I will review the products, make a video about them, and hype them up on my social media platforms and website. Contact Me for more details.

Will you swap stickers with me?

Yes. Contact Me for details.