HEY, I’m Nick.

I’m the creator of Rocky River Woodworks. I make furniture, cabinets, and shop jigs. I hope my projects can be entertaining and inspire you to make something for yourself!


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DIY Table Saw Jointing Jig

If you don't have a jointer, or if you simply need another method of cutting tapers and weird angles, you may want to consider a jointing jig. I will show you the process I used to make my own jointing jig. Tools & Materials I Used:...

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How To Make A Table Saw Push Stick

I needed a newer push stick that was large enough to keep my hand away from the blade. So, I decided to design my own push stick from scratch. I start by finding a hand saw that has a handle that I like and feels good in my hand. I then...

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How To Make A Showcase Storage Cabinet

This project was super fun to build and a rewarding project to finish. I decided to use oak for the project to include oak plywood and solid oak. It measures roughly 48" x 36" x 10" and is durable and will last a lifetime! Get Plans For This Project Here...

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Dark Walnut Flower Box

This project was a request from a custom that wanted something to be able to gift to his wife for Valentine's Day 2021. He gave me the rough dimensions of 10" x 7" x 5". He also specifically requested dark walnut. Lastly, He explained that he wanted a message CNC...

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Simple Towel Hook Rack

This towel hook rack project is quick and easy and can be finished in about an hour. I recently finished a bathroom remodel and need a new way to hang bathrobes, towels, clothes, etc. This project is used specifically in the bathroom, similar to the Snake Shelf I...

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DIY Farmhouse Style Electronics Table

This is a DIY table project that is designed in a "Farmhouse" style, similar to my Farmhouse Style Kitchenette Cart. This table is made entirely of construction grade lumber. It is a quick and easy project but has an awesome look that can add appeal to any space....

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5 Ways To Fix A Sagging Shelf

In some furniture projects, shelves need to be longer or wider for the sake of the design or practicality. Depending on the thickness of your shelf material and the layout of your project, the shelf can begin to sag in the middle. It may not sag when you finish the...

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The Importance Of Sanding Before Finishing In this post I am going to be discussing the importance of sanding before finishing, whether you're staining or painting. I am also going to be taking a look at some interesting facts about sanding while answering some of the most common...

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Top 5 Cordless Tools For A Wood Shop While all woodworkers know that any great shop has a multitude and variety of tools that can perform various tasks, some tools are better suited as cordless. Usually one would stick with a single brand so that the cordless tool batteries...

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