This project starts with a custom size request from the customer. They wanted the size to be 48” width and whatever height would match the 48” proportionally. I decided I would make 26” by 48” flag. This would mean each of the stripes of the flag would need to be 2” wide. I head over to the table saw and begin ripping down the 1x3s to be 2” wide. I then cut the stripe pieces to be 48” long. I grab every other stripe and take them into my paint corner and spray them. I also spray the center stripe red. Lastly, I measure and mark off the top every-other stripes and spray them, leaving the remainder of the stripe unpainted wood (these are where the Union stops). 

Next I temporarily secure all of the top 7 stripes together and head to my CNC. I used my CNC to carve out the stars in the Union, proportionate to the size of flag I am making. Once complete I remove it from the CNC table and temporarily secure the bottom 3 stripes to each other and head back to the CNC. I mask the area and carve a duck head in the corner (customer request). I then spray the head gray, let the paint dry, and remove the mask. 

The last step was final assembly. I use 1x3s, ran vertically, along the back of the flag and brad nailed through them into the flag stiles from the back. This allowed everything to be secure and hold together firmly, without seeing the nails. I attached a piece of heavy duty picture frame wire to the back, and this project was complete!