This towel hook rack project is quick and easy and can be finished in about an hour. I recently finished a bathroom remodel and need a new way to hang bathrobes, towels, clothes, etc. This project is used specifically in the bathroom, similar to the Snake Shelf I made.

Tools & Materials I Used:

I did not formally draw or design this project. Instead, I simply headed out to my shop and began working. I had some red oak material that I ripped down to roughly 4 inches wide on my table saw. I then cut the board to length on my miter saw. Next, I sanded each of the corners off to make rounded edges. Lastly, I installed a round over bit in my router table and gave one face of the board a 1/4″ round over.

Once the board was finished, I spray-painted the entire piece white, including the edges. I did not spray the back as it will not be seen. Once the paint dried, I evenly spaced out the 4 hooks I had on the board. I drilled some pilot holes and attached the hooks to the board using the screws that came with them.

The last part of the towel hook rack was to drill some pilot holes through the board for screws that will attach to the wall. I did not have to worry about them being 16″ apart in my case because I was installed the towel hook rack to a pocket door wall, so I had wood bracing in the wall for the full length of the rack.

Using short wood screws, I attached the towel hook rack to the wall, and this simple project was complete!

 03-1024x683 Simple Towel Hook Rack
 04-1024x683 Simple Towel Hook Rack