I will start by saying this tool is an excellent purchase and value for the money spent. At the time of purchase, I spent around $450. This saw is perfect for a beginner or even intermediate woodworkers. I personally am just a hobbyist woodworker and I do not need an upscale expensive band saw right now. This saw does everything I need it to do for my work.

There are many good things about this saw. In fact, there are only about 3 “cons” or things I do not like about it. Everything else is great!

The PROS, What I Like:

  • 1.5 Horsepower – Plenty of power and it has never bogged down or slowed down when I have been cutting large volumes of material

  • 16” x 16” Work Surface – Cast Iron table top that when tuned and tightened, has never wiggled or wobbled. I like the large size of the work surface that allows you to maneuver your project accurately and with control

  • Table top allows up to 45-degree tilt – perfect for making bevel cuts

  • Tuning of the saw is accurate and straight-forward – All of the wheel adjustments, tensions, guides etc. seem to hold their position and are easily adjusted when needed

  • Responsive power switch – there is almost no delay when powering on or off once the power switch has been engaged

  • Rapid power up and down times – the band saw gets up to speed quickly and spins down quickly when turning the tool on and off

  • Awesome re-saw capability- I have cut up to 6 inch thick material in re-saw methods and it does amazing. I use a larger blade with sharp teeth and the saw has not failed me yet!

  • Everything on the saw is durable materials – everything appears to be either cast iron or steel. Very little plastic anywhere on the tool

  • Weight and positioning is great – The saw weighs 209 lbs which is great for security in the work area. There is no need to bolt or screw down the saw like with a bench top model. This saw stays put and in place and provides for user comfortability when using

  • Accepts blades well – I have used blades of all sizes from 1/8” inch up to 1” depth and every blade has performed very well in the saw when tuning is complete and secured.

  • Blade tracking is perfect – the blades seem to stay in the center of the wheels and track very well after tuning. I have not had any blade slips or removals when using this saw

  • Storage underneath – I enjoy having the base storage compartment beneath the saw that allows for stowing of extra blades or other accessories. Neat feature.

The CONS – What I Don’t Like

  • Dust collection – Basically non-existent. Not a deal-breaker since I have a long dust collection hose nearby I can use, but the built-in dust collection is not good at all

  • No Rip Fence – Again, not a deal-breaker as I am sure there is a compatible fence on the market I could buy, just wish there was one included in the purchase.

  • Storage Compartment door – This could be my mistake when assembling the unit, but, the door rubs against the metal frame when opening. Again, probably my fault, not a defect with the saw