HEY, I’m Nick.

I’m the creator of Rocky River Woodworks. I make furniture, cabinets, and shop jigs. I hope my projects can be entertaining and inspire you to make something for yourself!


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“Thin Red Line” American Flag

This project starts with a custom size request from the customer. They wanted the size to be 48” width and whatever height would match the 48” proportionally. I decided I would make 26” by 48” flag. This would mean each of the stripes of the flag would need to be 2”...

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 3-1 HOME

Noodle Board Stove Cover This project is completed using only a few 1x4s and a single 1x6, purchased from your local home center or hardware store. Tools & Supplies: Air Compressor: Hose: Saw:...

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 1-2 HOME

Round Modern Coffee Table

This project is a custom build so I sort of have certain criteria. The design of the table was based on a picture from the customer with the popular “can you make this?”. So I did. Materials Needed: (20) 2x4x8 Yellow Pine (construction...

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 27 HOME

Rustic Work Desk

This entire project is made from construction grade 2x4s. I made the legs by laminating 2-2x4s together using wood glue and screws. The tops of the legs have bridal joints cut into them that accept the front-to-back stretchers as well as the side-to-side runners that...

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 2-2 HOME

Modern Rustic End Table

This project was made on a whim! I went into my shop one day with no projects planned or scheduled, and started to clean up my scrap 2x4s I had laying around. Next thing I know, I am cutting 45-degree mitered angles on the ends of the 2x4s. I would cut one and then...

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 24 HOME

Farmhouse Style Kitchen Cart

This project was inspired by a request from my wife. She wanted a mobile cart for our kitchen to store a blender, crock pot, air fryer, etc. She also requested that it match out TV stand appearance which has a white frame and stained shelf pieces. I consider this to...

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 29 HOME

Rustic Drink Coasters

These drink coasters are simple to make and can be completed about 30 minutes or less. They are made of a single Yellow Pine 1x4. The nominal dimension of a 1x4 is 3/4" thick and 3 1/2" wide. So, I cut them to a length of 3 1/2" to make them square. I used a palm...

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 Planer-Cart HOME

How To Make A Mobile Milling Station The first step in this build is to layout my cut lines based on the cut sheet I have made, which you can download here. After my lines are marked, I begin cutting the plywood down into panels using a...

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