Along with my online YouTube and social media adventures, I also accept commissioned work; and would love to work with you on your next project!

Custom Woodworking

Furniture making is my passion. No matter what other aspects of woodworking I find myself learning and trying, I always have furniture making at the bottom of my heart. It’s what sparked my initial interest in woodworking and will always be where my loyalty lies. Furniture comes in all shapes, sizes, colors, finishes, and concepts; and I can help you achieve them all! Whether you are looking for an eloquent end-table, or an elaborate conference table and chair set, I’m here to help. Contact me to discuss further!


Small cabinets or large cabinets, upper cabinets or base cabinets, narrow cabinets or wide cabinets, I can make them all. Contact me to discuss your next cabinet project and I will be happy to help! I can assist you in making your dream cabinet or set of cabinets with the finest materials and most desirable appearances. All of my cabinet products are made from 3/4″ durable cabinet carcass materials. You won’t find me using cheap cardboard materials as seen at big box stores. My cabinets are custom and handmade, and you will appreciate the difference!

CNC Milling & Carving

A CNC machine opens up new avenues for wooden products. With extraordinary precision and detailed cut lines, it leaves the product of showroom quality. I enjoy doing CNC work and would love to work with you on a CNC project. With access to a CNC machine, the possibilities of what can be achieved are quite literally endless! Contact me to discuss what amazing projects I can create for you!

Project Design & Consulting

Whether you need help with furniture design or project pricing, I can help you. I have the ability to take your rough sketch or concept and bring it to a reality with advanced digital CAD software. I am also able to discuss your project’s needs, resources, and pricing strategies with you to prepare for your upcoming build. Contact me to discuss further details.

Finding the right materials for the project is a key factor that can make or break the entire build. Hardwoods or softwoods? Plywood or solid wood? Glue or screws? Biscuits or dowel joinery? These are all questions that may seem irrelevant but can compile to become imperative components of your dream furniture project. I will discuss all the major and minor details with you to ensure you’re completely comfortable and satisfied with the plan before we begin the build of the project.