This is a DIY table project that is designed in a “Farmhouse” style, similar to my Farmhouse Style Kitchenette Cart. This table is made entirely of construction grade lumber. It is a quick and easy project but has an awesome look that can add appeal to any space.

Shopping List:

Tools Needed:

I rip down some 2x4s to make 2x2s and join them together using pocket holes. I assemble both side frames first. I then install the side-to-side stretchers to the side frames.

 01-1024x683 DIY Farmhouse Style Electronics Table

Once the table frame is complete I paint it white. I decided to simply use white spray paint.

While the frame paints drying, I cut some 1x4s to length for the shelving. I cut the 1x4s to be the total length of the 2×2 frame. I made sure to have enough for the top, middle, and bottom shelves.

Once the 1x4s were cut to length, I used some wood stain and stained them to a Dark Walnut color.

 02-1024x683 DIY Farmhouse Style Electronics Table

Once both the frame paint, and the shelf piece stain had dried, I secure the shelf pieces to the frame using 18 gauge finish nails.

This project is now complete!

 05-1024x683 DIY Farmhouse Style Electronics Table