I start this project by milling down some dark walnut on the jointer and planer. I then cut the boards of Walnut into small strips on the table saw. Next I glue the strips back together after rotating them 90 degrees to edge glue the end grain. Once the glue has dried, I cross-cut the strips on my table saw sled to be a consistent size. I glue those strips back together once again, making sure they are rotated to be edge-glued to the end grains. After this glue up has dried, I flatten the entire project on my router sled with a surfacing bit. Finally, I spend quite a long time sanding the project all the way through the grits of sandpaper. Once it has a nice sheen and slick finish, I apply a liberal coat of butcher’s block mineral oil and let dry. The project is now complete! It looks great and is finished with a food-grade safe material!

 IMG_4235-1024x768 Dark Walnut End Grain Butcher's Block