Sunday September 1, 2019

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Today is woodworking day! I spent all day in the shop woodworking on a larger project I have in the works. I have someone who wants a high-top “pub” table made in a rounded shape and 3 accompanying stools with backs. I had already made the pub table from large dimensional building material but didn’t like the weight and the way it turned out. So, I cut it up and threw it away.

I ran to Home Depot and grabbed some 1x3s to use to build table legs. I used (4) 1x3s for each table leg and secured them together to make a square table leg. I made some support brackets for the legs and got it ready to mount the top. I then used 2 sheets of 3/4 Pine plywood and glued them together to make the table top. Once the glue dried, I used the band saw to cut a 36″ circle in the plywood to make the table top. After trimming the edges and cleaning them up, I mounted the table top to the leg assembly.

Next, I built 3 stools from premium pine. I had plans to follow which made the process quick and easy (similar to production style of cutting all parts, then assembly at once, etc.). By the time I finished the final stool it was time to clean up from the day’s work and apply wood filler to all of the nail holes made in the 3 stools and pub table. I will let the filler dry and call it an end to today’s work!

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