Saturday August 31, 2019

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Not much actual woodworking today as I was bust running errands and doing home chores. I did, however, visit the site of a friend who wanted me to look at a building he has at his home. He wants me to build a rustic American Flag from wood that will be mounted outside in the gable of a detached garage. I rode out to the site and got a rough idea of how and what to make the project of, and figured the materials I will need. The flag and final project will probably be a larger project, measuring roughly 5ft by 10ft. It will end up weighing over 150 pounds!

I spent some of the afternoon cleaning and tidying up around the shop. About 2 months ago I had made a large wooden block designed to hold all of my router bits in one place. The problem was that the project was actually too large for the area i had to use when storing it. It was not easy to access these router bits and was more of a hassle than a convince. So, I cut it up and threw it away. I decided to store all of my bits in an empty drawer in the tool chest. I then set the rest of the useable afternoon vacuuming and simply tidying up around my workspace. It was time for some old cut offs to be thrown away and thoroughly organized.

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