Monday September 2, 2019

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Today is Labor Day and I had the day off from my full time job. However, I had other plans today besides shop work so I didn’t do much today. I was able to review the dried wood filler I applied to the table and stools and see how the dried product turned out. I then applied some more wood filler to a few bare spots and will let it dry until I am able to work again. I used a little free time I had today to break out a scraper and acetone to clean up the table top area of my work bench. I get in such a hurry that I fail to clean as I go. Therefore, I had build-up of epoxy resin, wood glue, paint, etc. on the surface of my bench. I was able to spend some time today cleaning that up and literally have a “fresh slate” to use when I get back to work in the shop next time.

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