Welcome to Rocky River Woodworks. We are a small company that does woodworking primarily as a hobby, but also for customers with a demand. Rocky River Woodworks was started, and is operated by me, Nick Harrison. I grew up in Mount Pleasant, North Carolina to a father who was always working in the shop on the weekends. He made all sorts of wood projects, and was accompanied by 2 of his brothers (my uncles) who also enjoyed carpentry work. Growing up, I didn’t express as much of an interest in woodworking as my family did, but thought the finished product was “cool”. The finished products were neat, but nothing crazy spectacular in my mind, and the art of woodworking never sparked my interest because I didn’t have the patience that my father and uncles did. However, things changed about a year ago…I began woodworking on my own. To this day I’m not really sure why I became interested all of a sudden, but I’m glad I did. I started only doing lathe and woodturning projects, then moved into project building. I’ve made over 80 ink pens and over 15 wooden bowls, all on the lathe. As for project builds, I’ve built a variety of projects ranging from cabinets, end tables, keepsake jewelry boxes, and more. If you like my style of work, feel free to contact me for a quote. I not only build projects, I can also discuss types of wood and materials with you; simply contact me.

I work full-time in construction management, so I enjoy the “build” aspect of woodworking. Woodworking is my hobby, not my full-time job. With that said, I feel it is important for my customers to know that this is my hobby, and for good reason. When something is a hobby, it is completed to perfection for the sake of pride, not money. I am more motivated to do a good job on a woodworking project as a hobby, than as a job. People these day seem to be motivated more by money, than by the fact that your product is something your name and legacy is attached to, and I’m no different.

Sentimental value also plays a huge role when doing woodwork projects, and I am no different. I can design and build you a custom project from wood that I source. However, an even meaningful idea is for me to use wood and material that is sentimental to you. For example, I can make you an ink pen out of wood you obtained from your grandfather’s barn, I can make you a wooden bowl out of wood from an old oak tree your great-grandparents planted, and so much more. Using materials that has more than monetary value to a customer makes my time spent even more fun!

If you want to discuss your future custom project, wood types, material usages, or whatever else, simply contact me.

I look forward to hearing from you soon!

Nick Harrison
Rocky River Woodworks
Nick Harrison


​​Owner & Craftsman

Nick is one creating the awesome custom woodworking pieces here at Rocky River Woodworks.

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